“Telenovelas base is the same; the important thing is to know how to amaze the public” Maricarmen Marcos

The producer spoke with TVMAS about her new telenovela “Destino” and about the challenge of producing an original story.

Maricarmen Marcos, Producer

“We bet 100 per cent on an original story, on a schedule unplanned for telenovelas. It is the first original that I do in my career as a producer and to present it on a new schedule is truly a challenge”.

Remakes versus originals?

“Remakes are always valid provided that such is a good story and is enriched with a great cast, with these elements great things are achieved, although no one knows the formula for success. Telenovelas base is always the same; the important thing is to know how to surprise the public. The advantage of presenting an original allows us to play with emotions according how the characters are emerging”, she also said that there is a boom in programs of different genres, but “the telenovela remains the queen. Series and telenovelas have the same structure, the emotions and the public value well formulated and quality products”, ended the outstanding producer.

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