In Mexico, “to Azteca 7 already the screen seems small” Rodrigo Fernandez

TVMAS spoke with the director of Azteca 7 about programming changes, new contents and the challenges for 2013.

Rodrigo Fernández, Director Azteca 7

And is that the Mexican channel premieres releases this month of April. The hit series, American Horror Story, the new season of the reality Tunéame La Nave, La Competencia, Exconvictos and the animated series, The Ultimate Spiderman and The Avengers are properties aimed at lifting the audience.

How do you choose the contents?, Fernandez said: “We rely on a brand strategy that shows us the way forward and which determines the tone, the form and the target where we are going to. In this case, we are talking about contents with a strong tone, with a focus on the adventure, the risky, the irreverent, sport, action etc. leaving aside the corny or conventional to reach an audience of men and women leaders between 19 and 44 years of age of a typical socio economic level C. “

In original productions highlighted an early morning show expectant to captivate the morning audience. “We prepared the second season of La Teniente and the reality La Isla 2013, a format that brought much success in 2012 and which we will repeat with some changes and we expect its success. Also, we will have several special action events, sports and entertainment to enhance the channel as a brand that brings the best of the shows in various genres.”

Balance in rating and marketing of content acquired and produced in 2012-2013.

“The content is what will strengthen the brand and generating wider audiences. I think a good content, original and of quality brings to an audience hungry for these, and therefore an investor interested in appearing in a quality product that ensures a good audience. We seek to give content to talk about. As our slogan says Azteca 7 and must be original, that appeals to a wide audience, to be replicated not only among our audience, but that also opens the doors to international markets and other platforms. “

The Azteca 7 director said that digital platforms and social networks are part of a project that they will give strength to in the coming years. “On the one hand to be consistent with our value proposition that is to provide a brand” as you’ve never seen “and on the other hand, it is essential to be in digital media and social networks.” Also fired that “to Azteca 7 already the screen seems small and we will develop campaigns and strategies to be a multiplatform brand that allows users to access our contents on platforms so they can see in a different form and complementary to what is happening on the television.”

To conclude, to diversify how to make and produce contents to reach a larger number of audience, is part of the strategy.

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