William Levy in successful campaign Nadie se resiste a su sabor

TVMAS was present at the launching of this new campaign that was designed based on the success achieved in 2012, when the famous Cuban actor William Levy ‘suffers the evils’ of the police, and was ranked as the most remembered nationally throughout the year.

Last year this campaign through its three commercials, “Trafico”, “Fanatica” and “Playa” managed to place number one in memory for 54 weeks as the favorite commercial in the consumer’s mind.

William Levy during the presentation of the new Sabritas® campaign

“The campaign has achieved a very strong bond with the consumer thanks to the sense of humor and a fun story that perfectly identifies our brand, like William, is irresistible. The “poly” became a topic of conversation and thousands of women of all ages have embraced the phrase “jovenaaaazo” said Isaiah Martinez, Marketing Director, Sabritas ®.

For his part, Levy said, “Since I started working in this Sabritas ® project I have felt very lucky, for me it has been an honor to be involved in this campaign that reaches one of the most important values and components of life as is the family.”

With the launching of this campaign was also featured Sabrimáquina, an innovative device that will allow the consumer a different experience to see the process of making Sabritas ® potatoes in a creative form, full of fantasy, fun and innovative with 100% natural potatoes .

The launching of Nadie se resiste a su sabor contemplates a 360 ° campaign that includes two commercials, the first “Aeropuerto” which is aired on national TV from April 10, and the second: “Sueño”, to be presented in July. Also, they contemplate a digital media campaign in film pattern to further strengthen the bond with consumers.

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