Siguientescena was able to gather over 100 thousand people

During a week of activities the sixth annual International evolutionary art festival held in the state of Queretaro, Mexico, brought together more than 129 artists from 10 countries. The Plaza de Armas of the capital of Queretaro became the focal point where the spectators enjoyed seven days of aerial dance, theater and music. The artists made gala and skill in their specialties. The staging most acclaimed for their novel proposal were “Odysseus Chaoticus,” of Israel; “Miniaturas” from Spain; “Duo Straps” form Las Vegas and “Duo Catalexi”, of Montreal.

Among the outstanding performances of the closing day highlighted “The Collective Creation”, which proposes to enjoy the four elements. Thus, water, earth, wind and colors (representing fire) managed to convey that connection that men should have with nature. This was a staging directed by Javier Moreno and Karen Bernal, to say the former, “was able to combine different artists from different countries, the challenge was to create a story with a standing item in which you understand that not always that when several nationalities meet is to destroy, but can also be together to inspire and create.”

Finally, the band from Colombia, Monsieur Pirene was in charged to put the finishing touch on the close of activities of the sixth edition of the festival. The fusion of traditional rhythms with dyes that span the bossa nova, tango, bolero, Cuban son and gypsy jazz, that characterizes the alignment born in 2007, triggered the craze among the audience, mostly young who appreciated their city was once again host a transgressive festival, ready to remove any signs of solemnity to cultural expression.

Thus, the festival Siguientescena 2013 came to an end, with the promise from its creators, Rene Venegas, director of the festival, Javier Moreno, Artistic Director and Nancy Moreno, coordinator of the festival, to continue to innovate and “build” a program with more national and international participation for its seventh edition in 2014.

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