Editorial January – February 2013

TVMAS Magazine, January – February 2013

Korean actor Lee Sun Ho with Amanda Ospina during the launching of several telenovelas
in Busan, South Korea, last May

We continue our process of change to differentiate and deliver a unique magazine that harmonizes with modernity and the Delia Fiallo awards that will be delivered this year. In this issue we have on our cover the popular actress Gabriela Spanic, guest star responsible for the opening of the X World Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Series Industry that was held in Miami on 5, 6 and 7 – last November and offer a summary of what happened in this important event.

For the cover note we invited the entrepreneur Lenard Liberman, owner and President of Estrella channel in the U.S. and in our pages succulent interviews with Joshua Mintz, Executive VP of the dramatic area and General Manager of Telemundo Studios; Joe Ramos, General Manager and President of WAPA TV and Jimmy Arteaga VP programming and promotion ofWAPA TV in Puerto Rico, as well as an interview with Juan Carlos Acosta, Senior VP of production for Latin America’s of thepowerful Viacom group.

In addition to other important personalities and issues, we continue with the protagonism and contributions of women in the industry. We present in this edition the second part of this special edition that will be delivered in 4 editions.

Roxana & Rosalind Rotundo

We take this opportunity to share the Venezuelan’s Businesswoman words of Roxana Rotundo: “This recognition andopportunity that TVMAS is giving women in this industry is an initiative in which Amanda Ospina is a pioneer. She, as a woman, a journalist, and an able businesswoman in a printed medium in which the other magazine owners are men; shehas been able to maintain with innovative ideas, reliability and professionalism. I have respect for women who have managed to excel in an industry that began run by men and I congratulate Amanda Ospina for this wonderful idea and we are seeing it been replicated, and is being followed by other women, which indicates that her vision is correct and is paying off. My sister Rosalind and I were raised in a world where women, my mother and my grandmother were pillars of what we are today, and to them, we are grateful for having instilled in us that there is power in each woman. To all the men thathave believed and still believe in the work of women, we thank them because without their support the road would have been more difficult.”

See copy online: TVMAS Magazine No.83 – January – February 2013

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