Alfred Haber agrees to international events

Alfred Haber

Alfred Haber

The company will be the exclusive international distributor for 15 consecutive years, of 71 º delivery of the Annual Golden Globe Awards (1 x 180 ‘) 2014 and of the American Music Awards (1 x 180’) of this year, also for 22 consecutive years.

“Alfred Haber and AHDI have shown an incredible commitment on behalf of the Golden Globe Awards and the American Music Awards in the international market. Awards ceremonies continue captivating world audiences, with the most recent production of each show in more than 160 territories,” said Michael Mahan, President of DC Media, parent company of Dick Clark Productions.

“The AMA has been essential in television since they were created by the music legend, Dick Clark, in 1973, while the Golden Globes are one of the three most watched award shows in the United States. We’re excited to represent again these extraordinary annual events for the international market,” said Alfred Haber, president of AHDI.

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