Migre: promotion, training, professional services and advice for authors and the Argentine and international audiovisual industry

Marcelo Camaño

Marcelo Camaño

MIGRE is an association of more than 100 prominent authors of Argentine television and film recognized in the international market, who released their Master Class cycle, advocacy, training, professional services and counsel for authors and  the Argentine and internationals audiovisual industry.

This cycle includes the most prominent authors and will take place between October 19 and December 14, aimed at TV, film authors and other professionals and students in the audiovisual field. The Master Class will take three hours each and will be delivered by authors such as Juan Carlos Mesa (“Mesa noticias”), Ismael ‘Paco’ Hase (“Buscavidas”) , Marcela Guerty (“El hombre de tu vida”), Guillermo Salmeron (“Vidas Robadas”) , Ricardo Rodriguez (“Amigos son los Amigos”) , Esther Feldman (“En Terapia”) , Victor Agú (“Inconquistable Corazon”), Adriana Lorenzón (“El Elegido”), Ana Montes (“Amor Sagrado”), Marta Betoldi (“Solamente Vos”), Cecilia Guerty (“Malparida”), Ernesto Korovsky (“Graduados”) and Marcelo Camaño and Gabriel Rolon (“Historias de Divan”) , whom will close the cycle – . The opening, with author and actor Juan Carlos Mesa, will have free admission and free prior accreditation until completing the capacity.

It also announces the opening of registration for the contest “Creadores de Historias” (Story Creators), that will distinguish the best story for telenovela, comedy, miniseries or unitary and Child -juvenile series. The prize will be the inclusion of the story and its author in the 2014 catalog and cash amounts. The jury will be composed of the coordinators of the Audiovisual Authors Association MIGRE. Registration will close on 11/15/13.

The objective of MIGRE is to promote the defense and copyright protection of the author and the realization, development and dissemination of fiction works and documentaries content created by Argentine authors at home and abroad. Its slogan “A copyright is a human right”. The board is composed of Marcelo Camaño, Marta Betoldi, Paul Lago, Susana Cardozo and Ana Montes. www.asociacionmigre.com.ar

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