“We seek to emphasize our contents in a saturated pay TV offering,” Fidela Navarro, Azteca

Fidela Navarro, director of Azteca’s pay TV

Fidela Navarro, director of Azteca’s pay TV

Within the framework of the past NextTV Summit held in Mexico City, TVMAS spoke with Fidela Navarro, director of pay TV Azteca, who joined earlier this year the Mexican broadcaster and her charge is responsible for distributing signals broadcast of open TV in pay TV platforms and positioning of the pay channels both nationally and internationally (music, 24-hour news, telenovelas and Azteca International). Navarro pointed to this medium, the saturation of content that exists in pay TV and the importance of educating the viewers for their consumption.

“We live in an era saturated with contents, now the hard part is choosing those with quality.  It’s true that there is a large explosion in the consumption of pay TV, but I think for the Latin American audience the signal supply remains scarce, we need to produce good deals attached to Latino culture and that it rests not only in something local. There are audiences still seeking to consume open TV channels on pay TV digital platforms looking for this content and then we should know to educate the viewer to consume other products.”

On the leadership that exists of pay TV on broadcast TV in some countries, the Azteca executive said: “As in other areas of the world, pay TV has surpassed broadcast TV for its quality content and how to understand their audiences. In Mexico and some countries in Latin America, this will happen in a few years and at the end everyone will want to consume Premium content, but without leaving out those of open TV. Then you have to find a mediator of this, understanding audiences. We pretend that in Azteca, expand the range of content and create new channels for the public who want to pay for good consumible content that is different to the actual offer”.

The brand positioning in territories of Europe and Asia, consolidation in Latin America and the launch of the International Azteca HD signal, are the objectives Fidela Navarro has short term.

“Azteca is an international brand and we are very focused on reorganizing the pay TV area exploring all the potential of our contents. The channels are in the process of improving in every way to give them a better way and in the short term to start with exclusive production for our pay signals.

In countries like Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala and Colombia among others, the audience finds and consumes our telenovelas that are different from Televisa. Azteca America in the United States has positioned itself in the Latin community, reinforcing our presence with the signal of Mexico via DirecTV on this territory. We remain focused on the penetration of our contents into other international markets and that is our goal,” concluded the executive.

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