Spanish Television wagers for seniors Generacion Rock

Generacion Rock airs every Tuesday on TVE and through the international signal of the Spanish network.

Generacion Rock

The Spanish channel unveils its musical reality Generacion Rock, a program created with the idea of ​​breaking topics and a great challenge ahead: 15 participants of more than 70 years become Rockers.

The fifteen players, aged 68 and 85, come from different places: Ceuta, Extremadura, Andalusia, Cuba, Jaen and Madrid among others. All have stopped their daily routines to prepare an unusual challenge: singing eight themes emblematic of the history of rock. The goal: to perform a final concert in the Joy Eslava Hall in Madrid before a large audience.

During eight weeks, TVE will follow the rehearsals and the evolution of the this particular band, how they adapt to this new style, their difficulties with English, the problems of “tone”, and dozens of updates that this experience has had on their routines and those of their families. But not everything will stay home, the fifteen septuagenarians will make ​​different dates and activities: from recording a video clip to a trip to the Festival of Light in Galicia or the London Rock Tour.

The program is hosted by Melendi, a singer who gained fame in the last edition of La Voz…Spain and that lives fully his role as musical director, spiritual guide and perfect grandchild prototype. To do this, prepares a varied repertoire that includes songs in English and that tests patience, memory and the acting skills of the band. This repertoire includes the Rolling Stones, Luz Casal, Rosendo, Alaska or Queen, and culminates with the anthem of the program, the song “My Generation”, which Melendi has composed especially for the occasion.

Generacion Rock airs every Tuesday on TVE and through the international signal of the Spanish network.

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