Deadly Women

LAS VERDADERAS MUJERES ASESINAS DISCOVERYThis new season will be on the Investigation Discovery channel, from Monday January 19 to investigate the motives and modus operandi which push them to become murderers.

The program investigates real cases and present the crimes and background of each criminal, providing revealing perspectives of the motives leading to mothers, daughters and even grandmothers to be ruthless killer.

Through dramatic re-enactments of key moments in homicides and research, supported by interviews with experts and shocking eyewitness, the program provides a deep look into these murders that happened in real life.

In the first episode, a woman forgets her role as mother and decides to lock up and torturing her daughter as part of a situation as cruel as inexplicable. You can also see how a supportive neighbor uses her kindness to hide the bloody murders of members of her own community. In the same episode you will also see the case of two lesbian lovers who wantonly murdered a stranger.

The new season  will also expose the case of a grandmother who hides her sadistic nature behind a mask of sweet old lady; and a dissatisfied divorcee who decides to take revenge with someone of her own blood, among other research that will attempt to get to the truth of each of these surprising cases.

The lack of maternal instinct is one of the most repeated characteristics of these murderous women. This can be seen also in a Missouri mother that uses her children to earn money, and an Australian mother who drowns her son in an inexplicable act.

The high social status will be another of the particularities in more than one case, an aspect that for these women represents a license to kill. Youth is a key issue. These teenagers transcend all boundaries joining the scariest homicide cases. Their angelic faces will be the key to hide dark intentions, but Investigation Discovery will expose them.

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