Natalia Denegri and Nazarena Nobile ATREVIDAS

Natalia y Nazarena en Atrevidas (1)

Natalia Denegri and Nazarena Nobile

Mira TV is launched with a program dedicated to them. Led by Natalia Denegri and Nazarena Nobile, Atrevidas addresses issues related to fashion, beauty, finance, health and celebrities. It is a weekly magazine with a social and solidarity highlighted profile in which women participate and receive help. Spicy interviews, debates, information and guests.

Led by Natalia Denegri, actress and presenter with over 15 years in the media between Argentina, Mexico and the United States, along with the renowned  Argentine journalist, actress and presenter, Nazarene Nobile. The first program will be broadcast from March throughout the State of Florida, in the United States.

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