China announces that it will strengthen its fight against corruption in TV and Films


Chinese President Xi Jinping

Thus said, Li Qiufang a leading member of the Central Committee Commission for Discipline (CCCD) belonging to the State Administration of Press, Publishing, Radio, Film and TV  who announced that this year will apply new measures to combat corruption in the TV and film industries. She expressed that “based on what became known last year, the inspection team will deepen its anticorruption examination dealing in these areas one by one” and said the sectors of television and film are not “pure lands”.

In the case of the most exposed areas to  corruption, the work of the official Li Qiufang, involved the acquisition and marketing of TV series and movies, large galas, equipment procurement, advertising, news services and branches abroad.

Her work team has made over the past year, important industry inspections to determine where these criminal acts are committed.

Furthermore, by virtue of reinforcing the campaign in favor of the industry, CCCD plans also for this year promoting the incorporation of regulations to prevent staff from these practices to commit acts of corruption.

The campaign against corruption, driven by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is hitting hard since the end of 2012, exposing much of senior officials, state media presenters and prominent leaders.

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