TV Azteca releases Tanto Amor


Tanto amor

Alberto Lombardo (Leonardo García) and Mía González (Melissa Barrera) are the protagonists of “Tanto Amor”. A great romantic story where our enamored ignore the truth of their origins and destiny unites them on an adventure where they will discover the secrets, lies and betrayals behind their lives that have generated people very close to them to separate them and keep the great fortune that involves both families. But nevertheless, they will look for ways to be together for the love awakened in them the first time they met, is a sublime, pure and unconditional love.

It is and Original Story of Ligia Lezama under the adaptation of Mauricio Somuano – Gloria Bautista, the literary edition is by Víctor Parra, general direction by Eduardo Rípari, general production of Elisa Salinas and Pedro Lira.

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