More TV Channel premiered in Nigeria La Ronca de Oro


la ronca de oro

The series of 62x1h, is distributed by Caracol Internacional and sold dubbed into English to the screens of Nigeria through More TV Channel, by which since Friday December 4, with a frequency of Monday to Saturday at 9:00 p.m. The series is also becoming also a success.

Caused furor in Colombia in 2014 and has been released in different territories such as Russia, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Canada, Bolivia, Honduras among others; it comes to the screens of the African country to tell the most transcendental events in the life of singer Helena Vargas, a brave and cheerful woman with a powerful voice who defied her family and high society of the time.

Recorded entirely outdoors, recreated in the years 50’s and 70’s, decades in which the plot unfolds in two stages: the first deals with the life of the singer in her teens and the second, showing consolidation and success, becoming in one of the most beloved artists in her country.

Ana Maria Estupiñán and Majida Issa are responsible for interpreting Helena Vargas inthe juvenile and adult stage, the rest of the cast is made up actors of stature such as Laura Garcia, Leonardo Acosta, Luis Fernando Montoya, among others.

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