Globo presents ‘Forever and Ever, at the 2016 Natpe

POR SIEMPRE Alto Astral_Thiago Lacerda e Sérgio Guizé

Por Siempre

Some love stories have been written by destiny from the start. In ‘Forever and Ever,’ the doctor Caíque (Sérgio Guizé) and the journalist Laura (Nathalia Dill, ‘Precious Pearl’) live an overwhelming passion that transcends the limits of life. Globo will present this romantic and light-hearted telenovela during the next edition of Natpe Miami. The plot presents a couple united by fate, whose love is tested by the wrath of a jealous brother.

In Brazil, the charming love story obtained 47% share and more than 22 million viewers per day (source: Ibope). ‘Forever and Ever’ also conquered the online audience and eighteen hashtags related to the telenovela were on the top of Trending Topics in Brazil during the month of its premiere.

‘Forever and Ever’ is set in the present day, but the set designers were inspired by the architecture of the 1950’s to create the homes of some characters in the fictional city Nova Alvorada. In addition, a traditional Brazilian countryside city, with a casino, spa, squares, and beautiful natural landscapes, was also source of inspiration for the telenovela’s set design and art production. Some parts of the town were used as locations for the telenovela and also portrayed at Globo’s Studios, in Rio de Janeiro.

The cast of ‘Forever and Ever’ also includes names like Débora Nascimento (‘Caribbean Flower’), Edson Celulari (‘Fight or Love?’), Cláudia Raia (‘Brave Woman’), Maitê Proença (‘Passione’), Elizabeth Savala (‘Trail of Lies’), Kayky Brito (‘Passione’), Guilherme Leicam (‘Helena’s Shadow’), and Giovanna Lancellotti (‘Gabriela’), among other talents.


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