Nada Personal in AZ TV DE PAGA

NADA PERSONAL foto protagonistas

Nada personal

Since yesterday AZ Corazón the telenovelas channel of AZ TV DE PAGA, premieres “NADA PERSONAL” the telenovela with which TV Azteca was very successful because they dared to tell a story which not only impacted the public, but it also transformed the melodrama in Mexico.

Produced by TV Azteca and starring Ana Colchero Jose Angel Llamas, Demian Bichir and the first actor Rogelio Guerra, Nada Personal shows the political and social context that Mexico lived in the 1990’s.

The police world, drug trafficking and the media are the scenarios that give life to the love triangle that will arise between Camila, eldest daughter of a leading politician, Alfonso Carbajal, police commander and his brother Luis Mario Gómez, a reporter of deep feelings.

As a complementary part, AZ Corazón presents “The Special Nada Personal”, an original production dedicated to this powerful story where the audience has the opportunity to experience intimate moments through anecdotes and data as part of the cast, writers and producers will share about its realization. “We are making sure to continue breaking schemes in Latin America and the rest of the world,” said executives of AZ Corazón

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