FOX Networks Group Latin America and its new model for the audiovisual sector


Sofía Higuera, SVP and General Manager of FNG Colombia & Central América

FOX Networks Group (FNG) Latin America, made public in Colombia during the Andinalink event its support for all efforts made by the National Television Authority – ANTV to debug and regularize pay TV industry in the country.

FNG has been at the vanguard of the fight against piracy in the last decade and has a strong commitment to the defense of intellectual property, being the first multimedia group generating initiatives to combat piracy and under-reporting in Latin America. Front attack against these illegal behaviors contribute significantly to the development and growth of the telecommunications sector in Colombia.

It is estimated that annual losses caused by this threat are millions of dollars and affect directly and systematically the growth of the industry. “For best results is key to work together, FNG Colombia ratifies its commitment and availability to participate actively in the design and implementation of a new transparent model, fair and competitive that protects those who operate legally and to recognize the new market realities generated by technological innovation. An adequate regulatory framework will result in greater benefits for the nation, industry and users,” said Sofia Higuera, SVP and General Manager of FNG Colombia and Central America.

Among some of the measures that have been implemented ranging from the creation of spots of protection for intellectual property rights, training programs for public and private authorities, the establishment of smaller windows of time between the release of content between the United States and Latin America to develop its own model of authenticated content online: FOX Play, where the user feels no need or motivation to go get the content elsewhere the pirate way, in addition to the creation of a specific anti-piracy department, entirely devoted to combating piracy and the sub reporting in Latin America.

Ultimately, the company works with the firm intention to eradicate piracy and under-reporting, supporting and inviting all industry players to join initiatives such as posed by ANTV and issue the same message aimed at eradicating these scourges not only of the Colombian territory, but throughout the region of Latin America.

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