Gloria Trevi is the first confirmed coach in La voz… Mexico


Gloria Trevi es la primera cantante confirmada para estar en el grupo de coaches de La Voz… México

Gloria Trevi has confirmed her participation as coach of La Voz … Mexico. The regiomontana singer adds to this issue backed by his successful musical career and a strong rooting in the public taste.

With her first solo album, entitled Qué hago aquí,(What I do here), was placed in the first levels of popularity and marked a whole generation with issues such as Psychiatrist Doctor (Doctor psiquiatra), What will I do without him ?, (¿Qué voy a hacer sin él? The Last Kiss, tomorrow and what I do here? (El último beso, mañana y qué hago aquí.)

Another of her musical productions, your guardian angel, opened the doors in all Spanish-speaking countries, and the simple loose hair became an anthem for the youth. Its overwhelming success led her to star in the film loose hair and ranked one of the most sought-Latin singers.

In 1992 she published Me Siento tan Sola (I feel so alone), production in which included the Zapatos Viejos (Classic Old Shoes), a subject that also became a film production. Another of her successes was with Con los Ojos Cerrados (Closed Eyes), with which she won the Spanish audience. Of her album Más Turbada que Nunca. Of her El recuento de los daños, album more disturbed that unforgettable hits such as Counting the Damage, Pregnant Girl and The Pope Without Catsup, for the third time a melody that led to the big screen came off. Then came the disc if si me llevas contigo (If you take me with you), of which she was never simple it came off one of their list of Ella que nunca fue ella (Coughin melody that for the third time it took her to the big screen. Which broke the single that she was never one more than its list of Tos.

In 1993 she began a successful tour in the American Union and in that same year she was consecrated in the Festival of Viña del Mar.

In recognition of her talent and her admirable resurgence in 2004 Billboard cataloged her album as the universe as the best pop album of the year born.

Her amazing resurgence in 2006 released her album trajectory, which everyone looks at me success came off.

In recognition of her talent and remarkable resurgence, in 2004 Billboard magazine catalogued her album Como Nace el Universo (Was Born the Universe) as the best pop album of the year. Continuing her amazing resurgence, in 2006 she released album a trayectoria,career, of which broke the Todos me miran (Everyone Stare at Me.)

In 2010, her themes emanating from the series Mujeres Asesinas 2 (Killer Women 2) and Hembra es Mala (The Female is Bad), the telenovela Teresa, became one of the most sought after ring tones.

Her album Gloria, in 2011, the harvest of successes, which included production issues.

I laugh at you, Gloria y Agárrate Trevi held a tour dressed and night sugar added , Vestida de Azúcar and La Noche toured the main theaters of Mexico, South America and several major cities of the American Union.

In 2015, she was the only female Latin pop to debut at number one on Billboard production with love, which became platinum in several countries.

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