Andrea Escalona’s letter saying good-bye to Suelta la Sopa

ANDREA ESCALONA DOS para nota interna

Andrea Escalona

It is a pleasure to announce that after more than two years of serving as host of Suelta la Sopa, that wonderful stage came to an end on February 29.

I appreciate the lived moments, the satisfaction, the learning, the love of my peers, the high ratings and most valuable, the affection of the public.

It is difficult to make a decision when you love your team and are currently in a program as successful as is Suelta la Sopa, which produces High Hill Entertainment for Telemundo.

I learned from my mother that we must fight for the dreams and among my plans there is further growth even more and to develop my career in all facets in which I have always visualized such as acting and singing.

Thanks to Telemundo, to Suelta la Sopa and all my colleagues for being a great support and school for me!

For several months I have been preparing a musical theme called Mala Inversion, was conducted under the executive production of Julio Bagué, of Peer Music, and written by Cynthia Bagué and Junior Cabral, architect of great successes of figures like Ana Barbara, Ana Gabriel and Lucero. Of this theme has already filmed a video clip where I had the great fortune to have the participation of the first Mexican actress Carmen Salinas also and proudly, is my godmother, the designer of the stars Mitzy, the young promise of music Fernando Corona and stylist Daniel Urquiza.

The video and the song of Mala Inversion premiered with a scoop behind the scenes in Suelta la Sopa and the video in its entirety on Al Rojo Vivo. It is also available on all digital platforms.

I want to give a voice to many women and I believe that my interpretation of the corridos will make differentiate me and I will also express my feelings through my lyrics and through my music.

Success as always depends on the public, they have the last word and from my part is to give my commitment and love for this career in which I was born and I’ve always developed.

Thank you for your love, for the support of my career, but most important to follow my steps in this dream of life.

Andrea Escalona

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