Riczabeth Sobalvarro in RUTA 35 by UNIMAS

Riczabeth Sobalvarro 5

Riczabeth Sobalvarro

Venezuelan actress and host Riczabeth Sobalvarro has entered through the front door this 2016, premiering her character Marjory in the new production “RUTA 35” which premiered last January in the United States by UNIMAS, the network sister of the powerful Univision network.

The plot revolves around Dylan Wilkins, a federal agent. Narrating the story in the first person, Wilkins presents a kaleidoscope of men and women who make the crucial decision to collaborate with the law to avoid a legal process or reduce their criminal charges.

From a 75-year-old grandmother who fell into the trap of transporting drugs for a co-worker, to a software engineer whose close ties to a Mexican cartel give unparalleled access. A professional informant, who has spent many years living a dangerous double life and what’s up, the cousin of a ruthless drug lord, thirsty to obtain the reward offered for his head.

These whistleblowers risk their lives every day in a dark and difficult mission, driven by diverse personal reasons such as fear, ambition, revenge, and even love.

With a stellar cast composed of great figures of Latin American television, and recorded in stunning outdoors in the city of Miami with innovative camera angles and visual effects, Ruta 35 – Valvula de Escape promises its audience an explosive dose of excitement and intrigue in each chapter.

On the other hand Sobalvarro continues as the Latin image of beauty products “Generation Uth” Mannatech, and with her projects, in particular for the humanitarian work being done as spokeswoman for Foundation M5M (Mission 5 Million), which was begun Mannatech to connect to five million consumers of their products with five million needy children.

Parallel to her artistic work, is a social entrepreneur, helping to combat child malnutrition by promoting the Mannatech business and its nutritional products. For every purchase of Mannatech’s products, the company donates its Phyto Blended powder to children in need around the world.

“I am very happy with this new character in this great project no doubt a challenge in my career but that I assume with responsibility and passion, also was honored to work alongside Danna García that apart from an excellent actress is a friend.” expressed Riczabeth Sobalvarro.


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