Producer and director of talent Ana Celia Urquidi also in TV Azteca


Ana Celia Urquidi

The producer and director of talent Ana Celia Urquidi talent is part of the reinvention of the company, in line with the strategic design for the future. Ana Celia has extensive knowledge in conducting series, supersets and novels in Mexico and the United States. She was part of some of the most successful show in recent times, as “El Señor de los Cielos” and “La Patrona”, where she teamed with Joshua Mintz, who came to TV Azteca last January, after its extensive Telemundo work.

With the experience of Ana Celia Urquidi, at companies including Epigmenio Ibarra’s (Argos Communications), the Mexican company committed to the development of new content of the highest quality to conquer the audience and continues the reinvention proposal by the CEO Benjamin Salinas.



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