Sila Turkish telenovela sold in more than 50 countries

SILA uno


Now in prime time of TV Azteca in Mexico

The Turkish production starring Cansu Dere (Sila) and Mehmet Akif Alakur actor who plays the character of Boran seek captivate the Mexican audience in primetime of TV Azteca, since past April 25.

Written by Sema Ergenekon, Eylem Canpolat, Muharrem Buhara and Bektaş Topaloğlu, it is directed by Gül Oğuz, became one of the most successful dramas worldwide.

Sila is the story of a woman who was born in Mardin in southeastern Turkey. Her father Celil could not take care of his family and sold her when she was still very small, to a wealthy man named Erkan from Istanbul. Thus, she grew up surrounded by luxuries and opportunities in a huge house in Istanbul. After 16 years, Sila is a happy young woman in love with Emre, her boyfriend. But all her reality is altered with the arrival of Celil to Istanbul, making her believe that Bedar, her biological mother wanted to see her because she is very ill. Thus, fate makes Sila return to where she was born, unknowingly submitting to a marriage she never imagined.

Sold in more than 50 countries, most notably Greece, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia; just to mention a few.

Thus, Azteca Trece, channel owned by TV Azteca, reaffirms its commitment to bring viewers the most successful foreign productions worldwide. “For the best content, and new stories have to be on Mexican television,” say executives TV Azteca.


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