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Manuel Aguilera, CEO of HispanoPost

Manuel Aguilera, CEO of HispanoPost

The new media with relevant content in English and Spanish, is focused on English speaking and bilingual audience with special attention to the political and economic news of Panama. Is the focal point of, a media that has been born with the vocation to serve the most demanding audiences of Latin America and the US, interested in this strategic enclave located in Central America.

Users will find all the up to date news, created from another perspective and original approaches. Subjects from Panama, Latin America and the world, but that also includes research reports that will provide data and exclusive stories that will turn this new media into a required daily visit to their readers who seek to go beyond the news.

One of the stronger points will be the follow-up to everything related to the newly expanded Canal of Panama, with its political and economic perspectives, and the monitoring and analysis of the broadcasting media inside the country, who set the path of the news agenda. will have teams of journalists in Miami, Panama and Caracas, from where will be elaborated news and reports that will compose the daily offer of the media. For this purpose they count on HispanoPost, the first media platform in Spanish that responds to the current demand of information in high quality digital video for Latin America and the world.

Manuel Aguilera, CEO of HispanoPost, said: “Thanks to this initiative will be listed as a new information reference for audiences of Panama, Latin America and United States.

“I think that the historical moment, both politically and economically, that lives in Panama and its projection abroad gives every sense to the initiative. They are going through many transcendent things that provoke interest inside and outside the country”, concluded Aguilera.

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