Globo features fresh releases on the Natpe 2017 licensing catalog and management news

Raphael Correa Neto y  Ricardo Scalamandré

Raphael Correa Neto and Ricardo Scalamandré

On January 17, Globo will arrive at Natpe with a portfolio filled with Brazilian TV blockbusters. Unreleased productions in the international market will be officially launched in the 2017 licensing catalog, including telenovelas “Time After Time”, “Rising Sun (working title)”, “Total Dreamer”, “Burning Hearts”, “Wounded Past”, “Lady Revolution”, and the miniseries “Above Justice” and “Nothing Remains the Same”. Another major announcement to be made at one of the industry’s main business expo events relates to the management of the International Business division. Globo’s International Business director, Ricardo Scalamandré, is beginning his retirement transition process, leaving the coordination of the area in charge of Raphael Corrêa.

“Ricardo Scalamandré has been ahead of Globo’s strategy for the international market over the past few years, including the launch of our very first channel abroad, the expansion of the dramaturgy and sports licensing process, and the establishment of partnerships for international productions. His invaluable contribution and expertise have helped us develop the international television market, and our doors will always be open for new partnership projects in the future,” said Willy Haas, Globo’s Business director.

Raphael Corrêa Neto has been at Globo’s International Business division for more than 15 years. Among his new challenges are negotiating international shows and contents; management Globo’s network operation and business model abroad; prospecting new partnerships and developing international co-productions.

During the Natpe event held on January 19, the executive will join the panel titled “Content Twists in Latin America”, discussing the challenges of producing a Spanish version of “Supermax” for the foreign market.

Globo’s international operations

Since the beginning of its international operations, Globo has already licensed more than 130 titles for 170 countries, developing co-productions of telenovelas aired in Mexico and Portugal, and launching seven paid TV channels across five continents. In 2016, the network released its first original production developed exclusively for the Ibero-American market. Directed by Daniel Burman, the international version of “Supermax” it’s a co-production by major market players, such as Mediaset (Spain), TV Azteca (Mexico), TVP (Argentina), and Oficina Burman, in addition to a strategic partnership with Teledoce (Uruguay). This project will allow “Supermax” to be aired in these countries, potentially reaching a total estimated audience of 500 million viewers.

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