Canal 22 Mexico to air Georgina Meneses “Rojo Corazón”


22 Mexico, the arts and entertainment channel, will present a special concert performed by the popular Mexican singer Georgina Meneses on Saturday, January 28 (7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET).

Better known as “Geo,” Meneses, the Mexican singer originally from the state of Oaxaca, will present a number of selections from her ninth album entitled “Rojo Corzaon” (Red Heart).   According to reports, the album is special to the performer since audiences will experience a memorable repertoire of vernacular and popular music from Mexico including such selections as El Pastor, La Chancla and La Milpa. These songs will represent an emotional heartbeat or songbook from the singer’s life experiences.

The “Rojo Corazon” concert promises to fill audiences with happy emotions of being and feeling great to be alive.

“Geo” Meneses is a popular the singer of traditional and world music.  She has taken her songs to important stages in Mexico including the International Cervantino Festival.  Tonight, she shares her appreciation, knowledge and enjoyment of the most varied musical expressions in a repertoire consisting of popular Mexican songbooks.

With each new project, the international signal of Canal 22 Mexico seeks to be true to its mission of disseminating the best artistic and cultural expressions of Mexico and the world, producing high quality television, collaborating in creating public for the arts and contributing to encourage a critical view of reality. The international signal of Canal 22 … Mexico´s Cultural Channel in the United States

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