A screening of ‘Under Pressure’ at MIP Cancun 2017




Globo realized a special exhibition of ‘Under Pressure’ at MIP Cancun 2017. A co-production with Conspiração Filmes, the series is extremely innovative and realistic, and will have a screening during the trade show in Conference Room B, on November 16, at 8 a.m. The 9-episode series, which premiered on the international market in Cannes, during the MIPCOM 2017, and won critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, now promises to make an impression on the Hispanic and Latin-American markets.

 Available in 4K, the series is part of the new breed of series introduced by Globo to the international market. During exhibition in Brazil, it experienced great success with an average audience of 40.2 million views per episode — 44 million in the premiere alone. These numbers reflect the company’s investment in new forms of creation, production and distribution, ensuring a consistent series catalog to the international market. In addition to ‘Under Pressure’, there are other stories available, such as ‘Above Justice’, which competes in two International Emmy Awards categories in 2017, ‘Jailers’, ‘Supermax’, ‘Merciless’, and ‘Dangerous Liaisons’.

 The high-voltage story portrays the daily routine of a group of doctors who need to overcome numerous adversities to keep patients alive in a hospital with scarce resources, located in Rio de Janeiro suburbs. This high-tension environment is the backdrop for an unlikely relationship between the skeptic Dr. Evandro (Julio Andrade, ‘Above Justice’) and the religious and efficient Dr. Carolina (Marjorie Estiano, ‘Dangerous Liaisons’). The two are not only work partners, but also share a passion for saving lives, constantly juggling the hardships of work and their own personal conflicts in order to cope with their chaotic routine.

 Directed by Andrucha Waddington and Mini Kerti, ‘Under Pressure’ is a spin-off of Andrucha Waddington’s feature film with the same name, co-produced by Globo and Conspiração Filmes. Created by Luiz Noronha, Claudio Torres and Renato Fagundes, based on an original idea by Mini Kerti, the series is loosely inspired by the book “Sob Pressão – A rotina de guerra de um médico brasileiro” [Under Pressure – A Brazilian doctor’s war routine] , by Marcio Maranhão. The series is authored by Jorge Furtado, who co-writes the episodes with Lucas Paraizo, Antonio Prata and Marcio Alemão, with Marcio Maranhão’s medical consulting.

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