Cablevisión and UN3TV will drive Argentine fiction

Antonio Álvarez (Gerente de programación de Cablevisión de Argentina.)

Agreements such as UN3TV and Cablevisión in Argentina, are examples to encourage original and local production with ambitions to circulate in international markets.

Customers can through Cablevision Flow enjoy the series produced by this signal on demand from all devices, wherever and whenever they want.


On February 1, Parecido, the new series by renowned Argentinian director Martín Piroyansky, produced by UN3, was released. Clients access the complete series in Cablevisión Flow and in Channel 1 of Cablevisión HD.

What happens if someone very similar to you pretends to be you and people believe him? And what happens if he does things that make you look bad? This is what happens to Martín Piroyansky in the new series Parecido, a ridiculous drama where Martín will do everything possible to find this impostor. This comedy is composed of six eight minutes chapters.

Gonzalo Arias, director of UN3TV, the on-line channel of the University of Tres de Febrero, which broadcasts since 2013 said that “This alliance with Cablevisión Flow allows us to disseminate our content and reach a wider public every time. In addition to the “web series” genre, we continue to explore different ways of producing innovative and quality formats.”

Antonio Álvarez, Cablevision’s programming manager confirmed “that they will continue betting on national fiction, and content that responds to new forms of TV consumption, such as the binge watching or marathon of a series. That is why Cablevisión Flow continues to add to its proposal the best complete production series in Argentina, so that our customers can enjoy them whenever and wherever they want.”

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