The Deep will have third season

The Deep  Michael Carrington, Head of Television de ABC Children

ABC ME of Australia approved 13 new half-hour episodes of the successful series. This was reported by DHX Media, A Stark Production and Technicolor who will take the series to 52 half-hour episodes.

The third season will be available for everyone on Netflix and in Canada also through Family CHRGD, owned by DHX.

“ABC ME brings to children content that they love, we are excited to expand our experience with a new season of The Deep. A series of high quality underwater adventures, captivating and like no other,” said Michael Carrington, Head of Television at ABC Children.

Josh Scherba, EVP of Content and Distribution of DHX Media, explained that since its debut it has generated waves of emotion to children and families from all over the world. With a third season already under way and a large number of signed agreements, the brand has become a worldwide event. “The public loves this series because it combines the closeness of family life with exciting underwater adventures, teaching life lessons while awakening curiosity and thirst for discovery. Working together with Technicolor and A Stark Production, we have created something very special with The Deep.”

Also very excited was Avrill Stark, CEO of A Stark Production and Executive Producer of the series. “With our partners, DHX Media and Technicolor. The transmission of ABC, Netflix and Family CHRGD, in addition to some license agreements already closed, we look forward to continued local and international success.”

The story follows the adventures of the Nekton family: a brilliant team of underwater explorers. With cutting-edge technology and an insatiable thirst for discovery, the Nekton’s explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, where most of our world remains unexplored and unexplained.

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