VARSOVIA Films presents in Berlin its film Malambo, el hombre bueno


 VARSOVIA Films, Diego Dubcovsky’s new production company, has been developing a valuable work with the most outstanding local authors and commitment on new talents in their first projects.

He has produced more than 40 films, among his productions stand out Diarios de motocicleta by Walter Salles, El Abrazo Partido and Dos Hermanos by Daniel Burman, Truman of Cesc Gay and El Movimiento of Benjamin Naishtat, among other titles.

He is currently working on the new projects of Bárbara Sarasola-Day and Paula Hernández, and on the Prima Operas by Jimena Blanco and Romina Paula.

Malambo, el Hombre Bueno is a movie about a modest hero. On a body that resists pain. A fable about someone who triumphs over their own fatigue. It is also a film about movement, a stubborn vital force that can counteract the adverse,” said the producer.

It is a film in black and white because it has something timeless; It could have happened before or it may happen in the future. The story is the same, that of the simple man who becomes extraordinary for a moment. And the silence that happens when the desired is reached.


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