Unicable transforms into U.

Netas Divinas

With a fresh and current tone, aimed at a versatile and open audience, from Monday, April 23rd, Unicable renews its image to be transformed into U.

Preserving the particular hallmark of the original productions that have characterized Unicable since its inception, U will present renewed formats and will add new productions to its programming bar, which will include late night shows, healthy living, fitness and balance, fashion shows, talk shows, series, movies, comedy shows and contests, cooking and docu-realities.

Each day of the week, U’s programming will focus on a specific theme: Monday Empowerment; Tuesday Family and Home; Wednesday Wellness N.; Thursday Love and Sex, Friday Entertainment and Saturday and Sunday Special Programming.

Miembros al aire and Monse y Joe

Raquel Rocha, Director of Content and Production at U, commented: “The change of name and image of Unicable, obeys to the continuous effort of Televisa to stay at the vanguard and evolve at the same rate of the audience, thus remaining in the preference of the public.”

On the new focus of this signal, Raquel Rocha explained: “U seeks to reflect the woman of today, daring women, in search of the physical, emotional and spiritual fullness that procure their well-being and that of their loved ones, i.e., women who define their own style.”

The programming of U will include the renewal of three of the most successful productions of this signal: Montse y Joe (Monday, 9:30 pm). Netas Divinas (Monday, 10:30 pm) Miembros al Aire (Thursday, 9:30 pm).

U programming will also include new productions of its own: Game Time con Yordi. D-Generations. Mind Sex. Con Permiso. Wellness y Fitness. Hot Chef. U News.

In the new U signal, the public will also be able to find successful series like El Chema Venegas, El Señor de los Cielos y La Bella y Las Bestias, among others.

The U signal can be seen in Mexico and Latin America from next Monday, April 23.

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