Recognition of the Bogota Film Festival

Words from the Director of the Bogota Film Festival, Henry Laguado.

“For the Bogotá Film Festival, which I have had the honor of directing since its foundation and which is the only international event that bears the name of the city since it began on April 4, 1984, it is a true privilege and the highest honor that the Senate of the Republic of Colombia, recognizes what many Colombians and foreigners have done for good cinema in the city, the country and the world.

They have been 34 years of arduous and tenacious work that allowed to give spectators, a real cinema. Stories and images of many countries that do not appear in the cinemas of the city, nor of the nation.

This festival exists thanks to the private company that has understood that cultural manifestations should be protected and taken care of when they are the image of the country, worldwide.

More than one thousand five hundred film producers from 56 countries, are currently pending, at this time, to learn about our official selection, with which we place Bogotá and the country in a totally international environment and we can proudly say that, The Bogota Film Festival, Bogocine, our nickname, is Global.

In April of 1984, Isabella Gonzalez, now our strategic advisor, started working at the Festival and a few years later our indefatigable producer Pablo Velásquez appeared.

They have been the soul of the Festival, always, and it is admirable, because they have done it for the love of cinema.”

Congratulation messages received from: Alejandra Cardona, Gustavo Nieto Roa, Yuldor Gutierrez, Nadín Ospina, Joaquín Lepeley, Rodolfo Castillo, Maria Teresa Jaramillo, Andrés Chona, Maria Isabel Medina, Jorge Pelaez, José Maria Zuluaga, Enrique Ortiga, Duvan Lopez, Ivonne Lemaitre, Yolanda Mesa, Anita Curbelo, Jaime Pulido, Veronica Marel, Carlos Eduardo Serrano, Amanda Ospina and others.

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