MEGA TV of Chile and Esperanza Garay create Mega Global Entertainment distributor

Esperanza Garay

According to a press release that was distributed to all media, Mega Global Entertainment (MGE) is the new company founded in a partnership between Mega TV Chile and Esperanza Garay, who is the CEO of the new distributor of fiction and format content of Mega TV entertainment.

“It’s a key step for Mega’s international projection of Mega. Our content must reach all five continents and be available on all platforms,” said Patricio Hernandez, Executive Director of the Mega Holding.

Esperanza Garay, a renowned marketer first of Zebracom and then from Telemundo, is now CEO of MGE and was veryproud to start a project that challenges her capabilities.

For Garay, it must be a challenge with a channel that practices innovation, but it is not supported by a recognized brand such as Telemundo, but it does have a track record of successes and conquering audiences.

MGE will launch at the L. A. Screenings, where it will present its portfolio in conjunction with Zona A, a Bogota-based company, that also represents writers from several countries offering a diverse catalog of products including movies, series, miniseries and telenovelas.

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