TELEMUNDO presents Al Rojo Vivo from Moscow

Maria Celeste Arraras

María Celeste Arrarás, host of this program that sets the tone among Latinos, will actively participate in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™, starting on Thursday, June 14, in a special schedule of 4:30 pm ET/3 PT.

“The World Cup party goes far beyond the sports field and is celebrated in the homes of viewers who suffer and enjoy with their selections and the stories that unfold around them,” said Maria Celeste. “Al Rojo Vivo is going to be there, accompanying them from Russia with exclusive programming produced with the strength that characterizes us, and that will reflect that special relationship that fans have with ‘the sport king.”’

María Celeste will present the show from a set at the Zarayde Park in Moscow next to the iconic Kremlin for the duration of the tournament. Among the special content of “Al Rojo Vivo” will highlight sections such as the “Zona ARV en Los Ángeles con Piolín”, with the well-known announcer, and “La Chiqui Bombom Mundial”, with the original Latin influencer.

Al Rojo Vivo has a stellar team of reporters, collaborators and presenters including Jessica Carrillo, Rodner Figueroa, Azucena Cierco, the “fashionista” Enrique “Quique” Usales and Nicole Suárez.

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