Pacto de Sangre, a premier of Canal 13 from Chile

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Matías Ovalle, fiction executive producer of Channel 13 says that the premiere of this new series is September 24.

Pacto de Sangre Cast

“We are very happy with Pacto de Sangre because this fiction contributes a twist to what we were doing in the channel. It is a provocative story and we believe that the public will identify with the profound psychologies of the characters and with its intense conflicts.

They are going to get caught by the overturns that will be giving the story. As has been said by a number of actors, the chapters are incredible.


The scriptwriters, together with AGTV, have done a very good job and we believe that our project will enter into a competition that, although it is difficult, we have the confidence that it is going to enrich the industry.” 

The cast is comprised by Pablo Macaya, Néstor Cantillana, Pablo Cerda, Álvaro Espinoza, Loreto Aravena, Ignacia Baeza, Blanca Lewin, Tamara Acosta, Josefina Montané, Hernan Contreras, Álvaro Gómez, Antonia Aldea, Rodrigo Walker, Patricia Guzman, Antonia Bosman, Antonia Giesen, and Cristian Campos.


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