Ana de Los Riscos. From Spain to Mexico and from Mexico to the United States


The Spanish actress, in love with searching, investigating, the artisan work that for her, is performing spoked with TVMAS about her work in Mexico and the projects she has in the United States, properly in Miami.

What factors combine to make the scene result funny, emotional or terrifying? Learn from teachers. And for that reason, Ana when she felt that little bug with which she was born with: she prepared herself. Trained for eleven years at Estudio Corazza, the school directed for 25 years by Juan Carlos Corazza,  renowned teacher of great actors like Javier Bardem.

With a trajectory in Spain in several films was called to work in important projects in Mexico, but never thought to settle for several years in this country. “That’s the reason why I’ve done several well-known works, including Señor Avila produced by Lemon films, the prestigious producer of Billy and his brother Fernando Rovzar” and adds that “I also participated in the famous series  El Señor de los Cielos production of the well-known producer Argos for theTelemundo network and other works that have given me immense satisfaction, such as the successful Mexican film,A la Mala produced by Jorge Aragón and directed by the renowned Pitipol Ybarra.”

She confesses that she always dreamed since childhood with Mexico and “Although for me it was in principle, a step to go to Los Angeles, when I arrived, I fell in love with the country, and I stayed 5 years. Now, I am a proud Mexican citizen.”

Which are the companies that are requesting your services as an actress and in what roles here in the United States?

“In principle, I am very happy in Miami in negotiations with Wilde Angle Productions, a company that is in pre-production of the serie Unveil and we are in talks for the leading character. The series has me trapped because it tells the story of a producer who in a near-death experience has visions with some girls in a well. These images come to her constantly in dreams and decides to change the course and lifestyle in order to deepen and help them since she feels that there is something pending that she must solve.”

Ana is entertaining and leads a vegan lifestyle. For that reason, she is also requested to be part of another project, it is about Taste of Revolutions, by Tuna films. “Here I will be the host of this series with interviews with people who are contributing to this change, restaurants and creators of vegan products with celebrity interviews. So these two projects have me very excited and I hope that they will come out soon and that more projects come. However, Mexico continues to be a growing market with very high level productions and I look forward to continuing to work on projects in this beautiful country. “

For the actress, acting, more than an art and a craft, is her passion.”/By TVMAS

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