Caracol TV starts this week filming La Reina de Indias


The ambitious Super Series that reconstructs the Spanish conquest to tell a powerful love story, and that will lead the content offer that Caracol Internacional will present in the L. A. Screenings this year.

lisette Osorio

This production is a portrait of the era in which a magical universe is discovered before the world whose existence was unknown in other continents. Here, will occur the torrid romance of the Spanish Conquistador, Pedro de Heredia, and India Catalina, the woman who became an icon of miscegenation during these years.

Spanish actor, Emmanuel Esparza, will be Pedro de Heredia, and Essined Rivera Aponte, La India Catalina in this story written by Johhny Ortiz (Las Muñecas de la Mafia 2), and directed by Camilo Villamizar (Tiro de Gracia) and Juan Carlos Vásquez (Sobreviviendo a Escobar, Alias JJ). Together, they will live the epic story that gave rise to the birth of the city of Cartagena de Indias, insignia of the Americas.

Recorded 100% outdoors, in 4k quality with cinema optics, with locations in the Caribbean, such as the mythical Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the banks of the Magdalena River and Palomino, and other villages with a great cultural tradition for the American continent, as Villa de Leyva and Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Its producer, Asier Aguilar (Sobreviviendo a Escobar, Alias JJ, Bolívar), declared: “We will give life to one of the first loves that occurred in America, between an Indian woman and a Spaniard. A fiction inspired by two real-life characters, with the great challenge of recreating the era of the conquest. We will work with indigenous and artisan cultures, which will enrich the staging.”

Lisette Osorio, Vice President of International Sales of Caracol Television affirmed with great enthusiasm that once again, they risk traveling in time to bring to their markets a passional legend, which conveys all the ardor of the time of the conquest. “A risky story, which will speak a universal language: love, disputes and the exquisite crossbreeding of cultures that gave rise to the world as we know it today. Very soon, we will share with our clients the first images of this mega production in the L. A. Screenings.”

Caracol Televisión has convened a luxury cast for this production: Manuel Navarro (Siempre Bruja), Ilenia Antonini, Aroha Hafez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Cristina Warner, Juliette Arrieta, Fernando Campo (Bolivar), Camilo Jimenez (Sobreviviendo a EscobarAlias JJ), Jairo Camargo (Esmeraldas) and Adelaida Buscato (La Viuda Negra).

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