¡HOLA! TV in April will surprise with Meghan Markle waiting for her baby


The audience eager to know the world in which the dukes of Sussex are unfolding, in ¡HOLA! TV you can enjoy the best information about the birth month of Meghan Markle’s first baby and Harry of England.

Meghan Markle

 In April, for the satisfaction of the Latin American audience and the U.S. Hispanic market, ¡HOLA! TV is planning to make a special coverage in its most representative programs.

To this end, it will have collaborators and specialized analysts, as well as the broadcast -on Tuesday, April 9th and 16th, of two specials about the royal wives of Windsor, among which stands out Lady Di; Sarah Ferguson; Sophie of Wessex; Camilla of Cornwall; Autumn Phillips, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

And with the theme about royalty, the channel will bring a historic event in the Nippon Royal House, after Akihito, 85, announced to his ancestors his retirement in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, on April 30. Will issue a special titled: “Akihito, the Symbolic Emperor”, which will be released on the same day of the abdication.

In April, too, ¡HOLA! TV will present the Red Carpets of the Year. With the help of María José Barraza, together with Daniela Di Giacomo and Kim Cáceres, who will analyze every detail. The fashionable block will bring two specials dedicated to the French designer Christian Dior. And, in the “Clóset of…” will be offered a tour of the style of one of the most consolidated and iconic couples: Victoria and David Beckham.

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