Farewell to the obsolete and stereotyped target ‘Housewives’


From today the main measurer of the market Kantar Media after an initiative of Mediaset Spain uses a new nomenclature adapted to the social, labor and family reality

Orlando Gutierrez

This is an updated nomenclature for a target of great relevance to brands. The initiative was presented to the market by Mediaset Spain in the last edition of the AEDEMO Multiscreen Television Seminar, in which it promoted the elimination of the obsolete and stereotyped target ‘Housewives’ and its substitution by a denomination adapted to the social, labor and family reality of our country, has been officially adopted by Kantar Media.

The new RCH (Responsable de Compra del Hogar – Responsible for Purchasing for the Hearth) nomenclature in all its reports and tools to refer to the group of individuals who manage the money at home and therefore, decide and/or make the purchase. This change will be effective tomorrow, Tuesday, when today’s data is made public.

Kantar Media endorses the initiative led by Mediaset Spain proposed in AEDEMO with the launch of the concept ‘Almas de Casa’ (‘Souls of Home’) to eradicate permanently  from its commercial policy the term ‘Housewives’ and patenting the new RCH, as a result of a comprehensive study prepared by the Ipsos Research Institute on the evolution of the profile – sex, age, social class and activity – of this target.

This study reveals an unquestionable reality nowadays: the traditional profile of the ‘housewife’ of the twentieth century has nothing to do with the figure responsible for filling the shopping basket in the XXI century.

“The proliferation of new family models has generated a transcendental change in a target of great relevance for advertisers: the woman who was dedicated in a unique and personal way to domestic tasks, the acquisition of basic necessities and care of the family has given way to a new profile in which 4 out of 10 are men who fully assume the decision role and buyer; almost 40% corresponds to women who work outside the home full-time; and only 20% are women over 55, although they have a much more active, independent and digital profile than the traditional ‘housewife’ “, explains the press release published today on the site of Mediaset Spain.



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