The fiction series ‘Sé quién eres’ available in CincoMAS


Directed by Pau Freixas and starring Francesc Garrido, Blanca Portillo, Aida Folch, Susana Abaitua, Nancho Novo, Antonio Dechent, Pepón Nieto, Carles Francino, Mar Sodupe, Martiño Rivas, Eva Santolaria and Àlex Monner, among other actors

The thriller can be seen every Wednesday at 7:00pm MX, 8:00pm MIA and 9:00pm BA

‘Sé quién eres’ has a unique plot: a powerful story with a suspenseful part around characters with many layers, bright and complex, which offer both the opportunity to develop a strong dramatic and emotional story around their relations. Mystery, intrigue and unexpected twists are the engine and the backdrop to tell the drama of two families on edge that are tragically debated between reason and emotions.

 – Emergencies …? I am calling from km. 8 of the PK-163 … A man, it seems that he has suffered an accident … Excuse me, hey! excuse me, what’s his name?

– No… I don’t know who am I.

This is the starting point of ‘Sé quién eres’, one of the most acclaimed fictions of recent years, both by the public and by critics. Created by Pau Freixas, it tells the story of a prestigious lawyer and renowned university professor who appears on a road totally disoriented after suffering a serious traffic accident. In his car, they find traces of blood and his niece’s cell phone, which no one has seen since. Questioned by the police and his relatives, the man says he remembers nothing: neither the accident, nor his identity, nor his life before the tragedy. However, not all believe him: his brother-in-law, father of the disappeared, is convinced that everything is a crude maneuver to evade responsibility of a murder and will do everything possible to prove it.

The series will be broadcast by CincoMAS every Wednesday at 7:00 pm MX, 8:00 pm MIA and 9:00 pm BA, is produced in collaboration with Arca Audiovisual (Filmax) and has an artistic cast of the first order formed by Francesc Garrido (‘Gran Reserva’), Blanca Portillo (‘Volver’), Aida Folch (‘La reina de España’), Nancho Novo (‘Fariña’), Antonio Dechent (‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’), Pepón Nieto (‘Perfectos Desconocidos’), Carles Francino (‘Las Chicas del Cable’), Mar Sodupe (‘La Caza. Monteperdido’), Martiño Rivas (‘Las Chicas del Cable’), Eva Santolaria (‘Compañeros’), Susana Abaitua (‘La Llamada’) and Àlex Monner (‘Vivir Sin Permiso’), among other actors.

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