BITME new Televisa Networks channel


Los Caballeros del Zodiaco and other icons of animé, manga and comics return in a big bet of Televisa Networks that will be released on its BITME channel on Monday, July 15. TVMAS visited the set where this impressive channel is developed 3 days before the launch.

Luis Luisillo Miguel, General Manager of the channel

In its process of innovation and with the ambition to reach a fresh target, the company has taken giant steps by becoming a pioneer in the Spanish content market in this segment. The bet is to offer a channel to the geek culture, a universe that loves technology, videogames, animation, comics, manga and sports.

“On Monday July 15 at the first minute we’ll turn on the channel and at 6 PM with a special programming that includes movies and many surprises. We will start with WTF, a technology magazine,” said very enthusiasticly Luis Luisillo Miguel, General Manager of the channel and who is also the head of the Tlnovelas channel, to TVMAS.

BitMe, will bring each month, 80 hours of its own productions available in Pay-TV systems, with coverage also in Latin America, of which 40 are live and 40 recorded, among which are WTF (Web Tech Futuro) on the web, technology and the future of the geek world; Geek Art, which analyzes comics, animés, manga, etc .; Zero Control, informative about everything that happens in the universegamer g gamer; Retro Game, analyzes titles that revolutionized the industry and are now considered classics in their genre or Trigger and Fire, a debate on current issues in the world of video games and technology.

BitMe’s programming will also include 40 hours of the most important productions of the Animé genre, which will include: Classics, Franchises, and videogames. Among these are titles such as Mazinger ZLos Caballeros del ZodiacoStrike the Blood and Tales of Zatiria The X.The channel can be followed in BITME.GG

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