ATVC Cable TV Awards 2019 in Argentina


The Argentine Cable Television Association (ATVC) announces its ATVC 2019 awards, in line with its characteristic pluralistic and federal spirit, they present innovations that will facilitate access and further expand the participating spectrum.

The association and its organizers have decided to be the architects of a new online registration system, simple, fast and precise, put at the service of all those audiovisual productions that participate in this new 2019 edition. This new technology will allow, from any point from the country and Latin America and through any platform, everyone can participate at a click away.

Each one of the audiovisual productions sent will be evaluated according to the number of inhabitants (distributed in five categories between 1 and more than 200,001 people) and satellite signals. Programs from Argentina, as well as bordering countries and the United States (which are transmitted within the country) will participate.

The jury will be chaired by the journalist and screenwriter Eliseo Alvarez, who will command the most outstanding personalities of our country in the field of journalism, culture, sports, scientific, musical and children, among other genres.

Once more, ATVC recognizes the commitment to quality and professionalism of the thousands and thousands of workers in the country’s cable television industry and Latin America, and accompanies the growth of the sector over the past decade, with a consequent convergent development to the rhythm of the new platforms and modes of consumption.

The registration period will run from July 22 to September 23, at

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