Sony Pictures TV renews Sony channel brand in Latin America


Sony Pictures Television (SPT) announced the brand renewal of its flagship channel in Latin America, Sony Channel (now Sony Channel). On September 2, will premiere the first season of The Good Doctor, a series that has almost 50 million viewers Worldwide.

Alexander Marín

The channel features a new visual identity in which the Sony logo excels in the design. As part of an effort to leverage SPT’s extensive collection of premium content, Sony Channel will also launch recognized SPT-owned programs, including the successful and acclaimed medical series, The Good Doctor, recently declared the world’s most watched television drama at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

“As we refocus our existing portfolio, we will be delving deeper into Sony Pictures’ robust film and entertainment content, broadcasting on Sony Channel the programs that audiences in the region have come to love, and introducing captivating new content during the year,” said Alexander Marín, Executive Vice President of International Channels and Distribution for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada at SPT.” We are excited to be part of the creation of a powerful unified brand of channels, with great appeal, which will enrich the viewing experience for our audience in Latin America.”

On September 2, Sony Channel will begin airing the first season of The Good Doctor, a series that has nearly 50 million viewers worldwide. Based on a Korean drama of the same name, the series follows Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a young surgeon with autism and Sage syndrome who joins the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. Alone in the world and unable to connect personally with those around him, his sole defender, Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) defies skepticism and prejudices of the board of directors and hospital staff when he brings Shaun to join the team . Shaun shows his colleagues his extraordinary medical gifts will save lives.

David Shore (House) is the writer and executive producer. Daniel Dae Kim (actor of Lost and Hawaii Five-0), David Kim and Sebastian Lee are also executive producers. Seth Gordon directed the pilot and is also an executive producer.

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