“Ninjin” based on the game “Ninjin” arrives in Latin America


The action comedy with funny characters, from September 4 can be seen on Cartoon Network and also on the YouTube channel


The protagonist of the new animation, “Ninjin” is a rabbit who cares about only one thing: to become a ninja master, as his ancestors used to be. Together with his friends, the intrepid fox Akai and the clumsy frog Flink, will not only train under Sensei’s eyes, but will face the most absurd situations.

Co-produced by Cartoon Network, animation producer Birdo Studio and game studio Pocket Trap, responsible for the game released last year, in partnership with Roger Keesse, also responsible for the scripts.

The first season features 22 episodes in various formats for all Cartoon Network platforms. In addition to a marathon on September 19 at 8pm, which will show the main arc of the season.

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