Globo showcases season two of ‘Iron Island’ to the international market


One of Globo’s launches for MIPCOM 2019, the season two of ‘Iron Island’, whose shooting was wrapped up in March this year, brings new plots and characters.

Iron Island

Created by Max Mallmann (in memoriam) and Adriana Lunardi, ‘Iron Island’ was written by Nilton Braga, Mariana Torres, Rodrigo Salomão, David Rauh and Anna Lee, with final script by Mauro Wilson. The series has artistic direction by Afonso Poyart and direction by Roberta Richard and Rafael Miranda.

The ten new episodes of the original series by Globoplay, the OTT platform by Globo, required eight months of production and shooting, on a 3,000 m² scenic platform built at the Globo Studios, besides other locations like shipyards, ships, helicopters and even an abandoned refinery. There was also an intense work of computer graphics for the scenes on the platform and the reproduction, using visual effects, of storms at open sea, explosions, chases and shootings.

Season two starts after a three-year time lapse. Back on land, Dante (Cauã Reymond, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Brazil Avenue’) faces the challenges of fatherhood when he decides to take custody of Maria (Alice Palmar), the daughter of his ex-wife Leona (Sophie Charlotte, ‘Dark Days’) and his brother Bruno (Klebber Toledo, ‘The Good Side of Life!’). At sea, Dante fills the management position of platform 137 and becomes more and more driven by his work. The oil platform hits productivity records, but his tyrant work style causes great dissatisfaction among his old fellows, creating a high-tension climate.

In order to control his temper, the psychiatrist Olívia (Mariana Ximenes, ‘Precious Pearl’) is invited to board the vessel. Diogo’s (Eriberto Leão, ‘The Other Side of Paradise’) fiancé, the CEO of the oil company, Olívia, gets closer to Dante. But, when a severe accident happens, the competent former manager of the platform, Júlia (Maria Casadevall, ‘Trail of Lies’) is invited back, shedding a light on her unfinished passion for Dante. The tension between them increases even further with the arrival of Commander Ramiro (Rômulo Estrela, ‘Deus Salve o Rei’), a Navy diver who falls in love with Júlia.

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