Placa de Acero premieres in Mexico


Placa de Acero, a film starring Alfonso Dosal, Adrián Vázquez, Noé Hernández and Eduardo España, premieres in Mexico next Friday, November 15.

Placa de Acero

Placa de Acero is an action comedy, directed by Abe Rosenberg, which tells the story of Roberto S. Recto (Alfonso Dosal), an exemplary officer, recently graduated from the academy, who joins the police and is assigned as a couple of Vázquez, a corrupt and lazy patrolman. Vázquez has given in to corruption, believing that there is no other possible path in the system. Now with his new partner, they will learn from each other, to defeat organized crime and bring justice to Mexico City.

 Placa de Acero is a screenplay by Joseph Hemsani and Abe Rosenberg and features locations in Mexico City.

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