In MIP Cancun 2019 RTVE will arrive with fiction news


The renowned corporation carries its latest productions as ‘Malaka’, ‘Promesas de Arena’ and the third season of ‘Estoy Vivo’

Estoy vivo

RTVE will be present from November 20 to 22 at MIP Cancun and the fiction catalog highlights ‘Malaka’, a police thriller around the disappearance of the daughter of an important entrepreneur from Malaga and the appearance of a new drug. ‘Promesas de Arena’, a love and friendship story taken to the limit, shot in a fascinating environment in Tunisia, which has just premiered at La 1 in Spain, with good audience results.

The daily series ‘Mercado Central’, which portrays the relationships of people who work and live in the surroundings of a large city market, will be another of the premieres that will be presented at the event.


As new features are the second season of ‘La Otra Mirada’; and the third of ‘Estoy Vivo’, currently broadcast on La 1, in addition to ‘La Caza. Monteperdido’, a disturbing psychological thriller revelation last season.

The company continues to offer some fiction novelties released in 2018, such as ‘Traición’, ‘El Continental’, ‘Sabuesos’, as well as its extensive catalog of daily series: ‘Acacias 38’, ‘Seis Hermanas’, ‘Servir y Proteger’ , and other great quality productions such as ‘Víctor Ros’, ‘El Caso, Crónica de Sucesos’, or the tvmovies ‘Lope Enamorado’ and ‘Asesinato en la Universidad.’

From the documentary genre, RTVE has a wide range of titles that cover the most varied themes of history, culture, and nature.

The Corporation will be represented by Tony Pérez Bonilla, International Sales Executive.

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