‘The Cursed’ set to screen at SERIES MANIA 2020


CJ ENM’s thriller drama ‘The Cursed’ has been chosen as one of the titles for the International Panorama at SERIES MANIA, which is set to take place in Lille, France from 20th March. 

This is CJ ENM’s second nomination following ‘The Guest’, which had also been invited to SERIES MANIA last year. ‘The Cursed,’ which premiered on the February 10th, is an occult thriller drama that revolves around a girl who has the ability to curse someone strong enough to make him or her die. The girl meets a journalist who is investigating a mysterious conglomerate group led by a malevolent CEO. The 12-episode drama produced by CJ ENM’s drama production house Studio Dragon and LEZHIN Studios, is created by Yeon Sang-ho, director famous for the much acclaimed zombie thriller ‘Train to Busan,’ which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. It was directed by Kim Yong-wan.

Frederic Lavigne, artistic director at SERIES MANIA said, “With their first foray into scripted television drama, writer Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan) and rising director Yong-wan Kim (Champion) imagine an edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller, anchored in the contemporary reality of a world ruled by shady tech companies, but also perpetuating the tradition of stylish, supernatural Korean dramas.” He added, “as an enigmatic shaman and a young girl cursed with occult powers respectively, actresses Jo Min-soo (Pieta) and Jung Ji-So (Parasite) revel in the madness of the premise. It’s (black) magic.”

Yeon Sang-ho, the creator of the drama told that he was “honored to be invited.” He said, “I had previously been to film festivals, but being to a drama festival is a first. As a mania of western occult stories myself, I thought that eastern shamanism stories would appeal to western viewers in the same way.”

Yeon added that ‘The Cursed’ is “a mixture of occult aspects added with mystery, thriller and hero stories. It became its’ own unique genre thanks to the odd harmony.”

The screening of ‘The Cursed’ followed by a session with Yeon Sang-ho will take place on the Sunday, 22nd of March.

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