Powerful, adventurous, brilliant, sincere and overwhelming women of the 21st century


Talented, innovative, extraordinary and leaders. They have the ability to create, direct and inspire young people to follow in their footsteps and leave their mark thanks to the contributions they have made and continue to contribute to the transformation of the industry. 

Alicia Flores

We celebrate 100 years of the achievement of the vote, which encloses more than 100 years of struggle with the aim of achieving equality, justice, peace, full development and equal participation of women with respect to men.

At TVMAS, we conducted interviews with women who have been and are a source of inspiration and motivation for their perseverance, accomplishments, work and passion. We introduce some of them, knowing that they are all truly, admirable.

In 1908, a National Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time and it was the scene for numerous protests under the slogan “Bread and Roses” in which bread symbolized economic security and roses the quality of life.

Russian women elected the last Sunday of February 1917 to call a strike under the motto “Bread and Peace.” The political leaders opposed their celebration on that day, but the women moved on. “After the 1917 revolution in Russia, the problem of inequality between men and women disappeared and during the Soviet Union never arose. Nor does the problem exist in Russia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union,” explains Julia Oparina, Head of Event Management of RT Russia’s international channel in Spanish, a channel that has great popularity in Latin America.

Victoria Vorontsova

“RT is proud to have an extremely diverse international team with women who occupy so many, if not more, executive positions, from the directors of RT Finance and Ruptly News Agency, to the director of RT Spanish and the global editor-in-chief of RT, Margarita Simonyan,” told TVMAS Victoria Vorontsova, Director of the RT channel in Spanish.

Beatriz Cea Okan

However, the World Economic Forum says that there are ALMOST 200 years left to completely close the gender gap. We asked Beatriz Cea Okan, VP & Head of Sales & Acquisition Inter Medya of Turkey about gender inequality and she told us that “Europe is one of the most equal continents in the world for women. In my country, Spain, the situation has improved in recent years. The number of working women reaches historical levels and women are reaching positions of responsibility. Nevertheless, there are still many women who face the daily challenge of inequality, lower wages or difficulties to continue advancing in their professional career and of course, this also happens in our industry.”

Silvana D’Angelo, a recognized expert in the distribution of audiovisual content worldwide and founder and CEO of Glowstar, says that the audiovisual industry is not exempt from the gender inequality that exists.

Silvana D’Angelo

“In Argentina, my country, to give you an example, if we delve into the characteristics of the jobs, 60 to 100% of the jobs for women in the industry correspond to dressers, production assistants, makeup artists, administrative staff, and of similar rank. And in the position of cinematographic direction, in the last two years, of the projects presented for feature films in the competitions for incentive funds, only 12% are awarded to women in the role of director.”

“Many of the women who graduate from film and TV careers fail to enter the industry and even in leadership or direction positions. An important advance is the ME TOO Movement and a present where women no longer keep silent or allow to be silence, which in the past was common. In this there was an obvious change, an outburst. There is still a way to go”; Silvana anticipates.

Lorena Angarita

Lorena Angarita, journalist and founder of Red Intercable TV Colombia involved in the development of Colombia’s small and medium cable operators, a male-dominated environment explains that “While many men must be thanked for recognizing and valuing women’s capacities in this sector and providing growth opportunities for women, there is much to be done especially, in reducing the gender pay gap.”

Alicia Flores, a longtime entrepreneur in the multi-language dubbing sector and Founder and President of Caaliope, a Mexican company of great international prestige told us that there are societies that are solving gender equality issues thanks to the laws and their educational systems. “Our industry is very open, we see many women running large companies and taking on leadership responsibilities in different areas of entertainment.”

Kathy Arango

For Kathy Arango, Colombian and a graduate in social communication and commercial and communications Director of TVMAS magazine, there are societies that are solving this issue. “Many countries are committed to inclusion and gender equality. I am excited about this magazine for which I work, because it has as creator and leader a great journalist, visionary and entrepreneur who is Amanda Ospina, who competes as the only woman who owns a magazine in a medium dominated by men. That reinforces my optimism and I believe that day by day, we are moving towards a better position of women in all sectors. She answered some questions and said that “As the founder of this magazine I want to thank and congratulate all the women and men who have believed and continue to believe in our abilities and support our initiatives. Let’s think about equality, build with intelligence, innovate for change in order to advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women. Thank you very much to all the women and men who believe and support the work of women and that together we continue to overcome fears and prejudices and limitations and with strength, power and imagination to continue in this adventure that is life and our exciting way of the entertainment business. Let’s celébrate international women’s day every day. Amanda Ospina.”

Amanda Ospina

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