‘The Incredible 90’s’: tomorrow by Atreseries premiered in the USA and in Latin America.


The telenovela ‘The Incredible 90’s’, a romantic comedy full of music, humor and good vibes, premiered on May 20th on Atreseries, a channel of the Spanish group Atresmedia focused on the Latin American and Spanish-speaking market in the United States.

Janaína ( Dira Paes ) com os filhos João ( Rafael Vitti ) e Jerônimo (Jesuíta Barbosa )

It will be the first broadcast window of the telenovela on Pay-TV in those territories, where Globo’s productions already have a strong presence and recognition. The launch is part of a strategic agreement established almost two years ago, which allows Atreseries to have access to over 500 annual hours of original telenovelas, series and limited series by Globo.

With an average daily reach of 34 million people when aired in Brazil, the telenovela ‘The Incredible 90’s’ is a light and fun telenovela which was also aired on Globo’s channel in Portugal, frequently being the rating leader of its time slot.

Manuela ( Isabelle Drummond ) , Joao ( Rafael Vitti ) e Jeronimo ( Jesuita Barbosa )

Written by Izabel de Oliveira and Paula Amaral, and directed by Jorge Fernando (‘The Good Side of Life!’), the plot is developed according to the stories of three former childhood stars that wish to regain their success after the end of their musical group Patotinha Mágica, still in their childhood.

The channel Atreseries has already aired Globo productions, such as ‘La Guerrera’, ‘Irrational Heart’, ‘Empire’ and ‘Merciless’, among others.

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