Virtual Screenings 2020 concluded but, will be online for a few more days


Undoubtedly, the content community needs major online events that makes it easy and fast to join providers and buyers from all regions, adding digital tools that enhance business”. Affirm Nicolás  Smirnoff and Fabricio Ferrara of Prensario in this comuniqué at the closing of the event.

As a success rated the virtual projections the organizers of Virtual Screenings 2020 who had their last day on Thursday, May  21, after 10 days of full worldwide ‘Binge-screening’. But the end is relative because the site will be open 3-4 more days, for buyers that want to check more products. And especially, due to the huge success of the event, it is not an end, it is a beginning: the organizers –Prensario, Natpe, Events TM– will push new experiences alike soon. Undoubtedly, the content community needs major online events that makes it easy and fast to join providers and buyers from all regions, adding digital tools that enhance business.

The communiqué also highlights that according to participants, buyers and countries figures, after its first edition is already at the Top Five of all the events of content business, both online and physical. A day before the conclusion the event at 6pm Los Angeles time, there were 4,075 participants, 1,310 buyers, 7,564 sessions (visited the site) 56,365 visits to exhibitor sites and 6,981 screenings. There were 101 countries involved, 628 cities. Unique numbers.

The graphics developed by the event of the daily activities reveal that more than 75% of the buyers visited 50% or more of the sites, and more than 40% of them attended 50% of the days. About regions, most of the participants came from the Americas, but Europe and Asia got a good share since the 2nd day and maintained it for the rest of the market.

About top visited sites, VIS/ViacomCBS won the category, with almost 1,400 visits to its virtual sites. As a tip, Disney won the first week, but VIS was more constant. Considering the top 20 sites, the origins have been very mixed: 6-7 Latins, 5-6 US and UK providers, 5-6 Turkish distributors.

About top sites per screenings, again ViacomCBS won the match, followed by eOne and Globo that were very stable all days. GoQuest (India) and RTVE (Spain) managed to rank among the usual leaders. About top screened products, Disney made a big difference with ‘Criminal Minds’. Three Latin contents –‘Internationals’ and ‘R’ from VIS/ViacomCBS, ‘Orphans of a Nation’ from Globo– and one Asian, Nippon TV’s ‘Mother’, completed the top five.

The most requested types of content, according to a survey we made with Virtual Screenings buyers, were one-hour series, from 13 to 26 episodes, then movies, miniseries, easy entertainment formats –as game and quiz shows– telenovelas and docs & factual. The top fiction genres have been dramas, comedies, dramedies, thrillers and action.


Curious data. Ninety percent of the surveyed buyers, wanted to see all kinds of content, while 10%, just ‘major’ ones. The buyers started with the big brands, then with the distributors they’d like to visit but didn’t have time in the physical markets, and then fresh origins. Asian contents surprised by their performance. More than 60% of buyers stressed that they found what they were looking for at the event.

To complement the information in this release, from TVMAS as media partner of the event, we asked Nicolás Smirnoff about the participation of the creators and distributors of content that were categorized by: platinum, gold and bronze. This question is for a better understanding of the format of the event. “Platinums had the best place on the site, 8 products for screenings and access to the home video reel.  Gold 5 products and medium location, and Bronze, 2 products and low location. Everyone gets full stats from feedback,” he explained.

The statement concludes by stating that virtual screenings were successful because they save time, shorten distances, generate business and bring global options for everyone. The digital age has very strong advantages.

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